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Great men were born like this

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In the Far East, there are a group of yogis who live in a hostile environment without a fixed abode. But they can remain calm and have a bright smile. They explore the world, consider why the universe exists, what it is like to be dead, and what the world of the dead is like.

The sky hanging colorful tints, a yogi meditating under the bodhi tree, think of those plagued by the ultimate problem of human beings, what is the future, why people will die, after the death of what the world would be like... You...

The moment a flash flash from the practitioner's brain, after he became enlightened, awakened and admired by the people, but also the bodhi tree called tree.

After every few hundred years there are some yogis awakening from the bodhi tree, because this news was spread under the bodhi tree is overcrowded, after no shortage of Reiki practitioner awakening, 

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and now people are stuck with a smart phone attached to their hands looking into a screen and tap tap tapping oblivious to the world around them.  People are choosing another form of isolation.

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