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Help installing NVIDIA drivers for GeForce 210


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First off, welcome to the forums.

I noticed two other topics posted by you at about the same time and that you should not do, I will delete the others an try to answer your question here.


You don't need to download drivers from a website and make the driver yourself, you can use the ubuntu repository with packages that do have the driver for your card.

But you need to do a few little steps in advance. In Terminology copy this command:

lspci -vvn | grep 0300

This will tell the exact version of your card. Next command:

uname -rip

This will tell what kernel you have and if it is 32 bit or 64 bit.


With this knowledge you can visite the nvidia site to search for the driver you need.

Make a note of the number it shows e.g. Version = 340.xxx


Now the next command (change the number to have your version, you can skip the subnumber after the dot)

sudo apt-get install nvidia-340 

This will perform the installation of the driver. All you need to do is reboot your computer and it should work.

In the menu you will have an option to open a nvidia configuration window.




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The 210 card should be able to utilize the latest nvidia drivers so the package you'll want to install is the nvidia-375 driver. 

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