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Hi Jeff and Team once again,


This is my fifth or sixth year exploring Bodhi Linux and sensitive money matters aside, I am thankful of my time here and still prefer keeping a low profile. I felt obliged to contribute to this community moving forward in monetary terms by affording a paid membership even though I have gone back to using Microsoft Windows after completing some key modules of my M.Divinity course in Buddhism. Monasticism is not my cup of tea, but I needed to take some moral precepts after all, this year with a Korean lineage. Intuitively, it is a voluntary effort on my end to take sides with South Korea - not really bodhi, but - in case the DMZ breaks out during my lifetime i.e. I needed to take precepts and study bodhi, not exactly become a Master of ministering followers.


As my good degree qualifies me to complete my PhD, this quarter I have applied for two programmes in Information Studies and / or Computational Science, possibly with a sponsorship. Even though I was a programming geek during my teenager years, as I age I can hardly code anything anything more than what comes off my memory, which means even though my ideal was to establish either Bodhi Linux, Moksha or a supplementary feature as my primary research effort, my point is that I will build a teaching curriculum along the way for my local university syllabus potentially that revolves around Bodhi Linux. For instance, if I am admitted in the PhD in Information Systems, along the way if a masters coursework is necessary I will be building some tutorials and orientations on Youtube or social media as well as tidying up the Wiki that are basically what we were talking about sometime back. If it were research, my gut feel is that whatever is on GNOME or KDE4 can be installed on Moksha too, inventing the wheel is the last thing on my mind usually. Ultimately, I may check out some bodhi sources from Git and publish a couple of research papers on Bodhi here in Singapore mainly to keep the project savvy, while also paying for my USB stick with a subscription membership.


This is something longed to do since Bodhi 2.4.0 but it took me five years (more like eight) because I wanted to go beyond carnism voluntarily and completely launch the 84000.co Tibetan Kangyur whilst studying the Mahayana till Access to Insight libraries many of which have since been preserved as a legacy database as well as on Git.


My fantasy is seeing Bodhi Linux being used in applied agrotechnology, but I am quite clueless about going about it all. May let serendipity take over.

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