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Adding Screen Shots to Bodhi Wiki - Security Error


Hello Community,


I've been working on updating our Wiki and have been successful in updating the text on several pages.  That said, I hit a snag when I attempted to add media (images/screenshots/etc).  Many of the updates I'm looking to complete are regarding old menu screenshots, etc.


Despite trying to upload media to our Wiki's back-end as PNGs that appear to be within size limits/resolutions/etc, I am receiving an error stating, "sorry this file type is not permitted for security reasons."


I have attempted using the "add media button" and I thought just copy and paste would work but that doesn't seem to jive either.


I took a look on the net and found this...




This link seems to indicate we may need a new plug-in or to update our version?


I have not used this feature of a Wordpress Wiki before, so I'm not ruling out user error, however, I have a lot of experience with Joomla! and can't imagine the two handle media too differently.  Wondering if my account does not have permissions or my screenshots have the wrong permissions?


Any previous Bodhi Wiki or other Wordpress Wiki editors run into this? 




Many thanks, community!

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Hi Oblio,


I've updated your account. Could you try again?

Hello aeonius,


I had a chance to re-attempt, and thought it was still a no-go (same error).  However, when I attempted to open the screenshot I was attempting to use with Pinta, I received an error message about it being an unsupported format...evidently the file became corrupted or something.


I attempted with a fresh screenshot and it worked!  Thank you!


Is there a way to delete media?  Just curious as my test shot likely is not a very useful image... :wacko:


Thank you, aeonius!

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