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Ubuntu and Bodhi ... Enlightenment and Moksha

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Hi, guys,


As far as I know, Bodhi is based Ubuntu 16.04 and Moksha is based on the Enlightement 17.


I also know that there was some disaster with Enlightenment 19 or 20, or whatever, so Bodhi returned to the Enlightenment 17 and based Moksha on it.


It is obvious that Bodhi evolution also depends on these two guys (Ubuntu and Enlightenment).


I like Bodhi in its present form, and I think it is normal if I tried to assess which way it is going to develop.


I tried to get answers to this question several times but for some reason people shy away from the straightforward answers.


My personal position is “Do not fix something that is not broken,” So, If Bodhi decided to remain based on Ubuntu 16.04 and Enlightenment 17 - that would be absolutely alright with me.


Most likely, that is not going to happen. So, the question remains to be open for me - what is going to happen to the distro that I love?


I will appreciate any info to the extend that it does not compromise the developers’s business.


Thank you in advance,



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As I understand it, Bodhi is based on the latest LTS of Ubuntu and moksha is maintained by Jeff with help from others(?). As long as there is a Debian based distro(Ubuntu isn't going away any time soon) and Jeff has spare time to maintain moksha, your distro should stay around for the foreseeable future.

Unless E devs really make a solid DE, you aren't likely to see a switch back to enlightenment. With respect to 16.04, you will be able to stick with that version of Bodhi until security updates cease from the upstream of Ubuntu.

I personally have jumped ship to Arch with moksha. I didn't want to have to reinstall every few years.

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Our plan is to basically keep doing what we do now. Unless something massive changes in the underlying Ubuntu to break Moksha - we will be using it as our default desktop. It is fast, it is functional, and it has enough themes to keep me happy. And honestly if this did happen we would probably look to rebase on Debian to keep using the desktop we like / know works. 

At some point this Summer we will release Bodhi 5.0.0 which to the end user will effectively be the same as the 4.x releases we have now except the core packages will be built on top of Ubuntu 18.04 to make installing the latest software easier.


Bodhi's 4.x branch will be supported for as long as Ubuntu 16.04 is which is until April 2021.

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