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Positive Feedback !

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This is positive feedback to say to the Bodhi team: thanks for keeping an old dog running.  

I use a 2007 model Thinkpad T42 for some lightweight tasks, mostly writing stuff out with FocusWriter and for some light web browsing. Because Bodhi has a Legacy version that is 32-bit and importantly NON_PAE I am able to continue using a PC that has one of the nicest to type on keyboards ever ever. 

Knowing that legacy Bodhi is there, existing, meant that I recently put an mSata drive in the this PC with a converter card. A cheap upgrade but I would not have done it if the OS wasn't getting updates. Now I am well aware of the limitations of speed that exist with the PATA bridge, but the PC is like new again (and faster than expected). It's quieter and the fans are not running because the drive isn't getting hot and using power.  

The legacy version is great (I use normal Bodhi on a new PC too), and I was really sad about retiring this PC, it is a favorite bit of kit of mine that I didn't want to see abandoned in the back of a cupboard. But as long as I can keep it updated I'll have a use for it. 

So, anyways thanks!

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