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Escuelas Linux Development Pack has arrived!

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Escuelas Linux announces the immediate availability, for the first time in its history, of the


Escuelas Linux Developer Pack


What is it?

The Developer Pack is a set of packages that can be additionally installed in Escuelas Linux 5.7, with the goal of ease the setup of programming and development tools, such as LiveCode, Java, C and C++. In this way, the students and teachers now have available a beautiful development and learning environment, ready to be used as is usual in the Escuelas Linux distribution.

Nevertheless, giving a preset development environment is not an obstacle to add or change any of the included elements you could need to develop your own apps. Do custom changes and play with the tools, but if returning to the default state of things was necessary, do not worry, merely run our own app, RestoreUser, to have everything back as it was by default.

With the availability of this Pack, Escuelas Linux makes its first inroad in the service of students and teachers in high schools and universities. So, its installation is optional, and should be done only in educative environments in which the learning of programming tools is highly regarded.

The Developer Pack includes:

  •  Java Runtime and Development Kit 8, in its most recent edition to date.
  •  LiveCode 9.0, as the app we recommend for development. In it is possible to develop native applications for Linux, MacOS, Windows and HTML5, but in our Pack LiveCode comes preconfigured to develop Android apps with ease.
  •  Android Studio, the native program to develop Android apps, is also available, ready and configured for immediate use.
  •  NetBeans 8.2, preconfigured to develop apps in Java, C and C++.

Also, you can continue using development tools that were already included in Escuelas Linux:

  •  Edit your source code for dozens of languages in Kate.
  •  Compile C, C++ or Java code in command line.
  •  Complement your Java or HTML5  development with web pages created in Bluegriffon, BlueFish or Kompozer.


The Developer Pack is available only for Escuelas Linux 5.7 64 bit, but if our users ask for it, we can develop a 32 bit edition soon, although would not include Android Studio as it is not supported for 32 bit anymore.


Escuelas Linux Developer Pack can be downloaded right now from



If, for example, the pack was already uncompressed in the Downloads directory (by right click on the package name -> Extract here), the steps to install it using Terminology would be:


cd Downloads/escuelasLinuxDeveloper5.7-64bits/ [enter]

sudo bash ./instala [enter]

Type your password [enter]


Despite the Spanish name "instala", the install script is going to work fine for Spanish and English language environments.


You still don't have Escuelas Linux 5.7? Read all about this release and where can be downloaded, in



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