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Write special characters like "|" irrespective of keyboard layout


I' helping a friend, who has -- following my advice -- installed Bodhi on an older PC.

Unfortunately he is a little bit chaotic and also uses an obscure keyboard. The PC is reacting very strange in some cases, low resources and other problems.

For now I would like to know if there are possibilities (other than Copy&Paste under X) to write in a terminal special characters like the pipe symbol irrespective of the layout differences of the most keyboards.

(I have not found the pipe on his keyboard, even as I have tested several key combinations with nearly every key, and it's annoying not to be able to filter commands at the prompt.)

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Hello JohnD,

First and foremost, welcome to the forums!  Thank you for promoting Bodhi! ;)

Please have a look at this link...


...near the bottom is information about keyboard layouts.  There are a zillion keyboard layouts supported by Linux; I would be completely shocked if there wasn't a setting somewhere that could be integrated (unless the keyboard is a prototype or homemade...).

Are you able to take a picture of the keyboard?  Is it a Dvorak or some sort of ergonomic custom?

Please let us know - thank you and cheers!

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