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Comments after a long read:





Box introduction: text format with errors in second paragraph : ”Start Button”



First paragraph: Current revision for 2.2 ?


Note within favorites menu > Note: The indicator varies from theme to theme. A green dot is the indicator in the Default theme, and, thus, the most common.)

Q. Does 2.2 E17 Default theme (Dark) have a green dot as indicator? A. No (just verified). In fact none of the themes that do come with latest pre-release have a green indicator. It's all blue.

[ Sidenote: So far the duma theme is not included. Ask Jeff if he intends to do so? ]


BODHI GUIDE - Virtual Desktops

Box seeing your Virtual Desktops:

Screenshot and following text contain Terminology :(

Personally I don't mind in this surroundings, though it's no longer default, it is an installable application.


Box seeing your Virtual Desktops >> *Note: Some Themes incorporate each desktop's wallpaper into the thumbnail representation.

Better : * Note: Some Themes offer the option to incorporate each desktop's wallpaper into the thumbnail representation. (Have to use the pager settings for that, it is not default)


BODHI GUIDE - Modules Info

Bottom Box - Removing a Module >> last sentence:

or run the following command in Terminology (or whichever subpar terminal emulator you decided to use instead):


replace by: or run the following command in a terminal:


BODHI GUIDE - Module reference


Table section Utilities

Forecast is still installed by default. [ Ask Jeff if that is needed in some profile? ]

Itask is still installed by default.

Keyboard is installed by default.

Tasks is installed by default.

Taskbar is NOT installed by default. >> move to installable or replaced by tasks?

TClock is NOT installed by default. >> move to installable


Table section System

ConnectionManager is installed by default

Places is here ??? =>> Files


Table section Files

Places should be here !!!


Table section Launcher

Module Quickaccess is installed here by default. Not familiar with that one.


Table section Core

Bodhi Shutdown is NOT installed by default.

Notification is installed by default.

Tiling is installed by default here.

Window Switcher List is renamed to "Window Switcher"


Table Mobile

That list needs cleaning if I remember Jeffs comment correctly.


Table section Settings

Edge Bindings => description: YOUR edge bindings

Settings - Screen Setup Set up multiple monitors.


Section Installable modules

Everything Websearch => modify description to those items that work (search youtube for sure)




argh, the examples were meant to be default ones, but Calendar is not installed by default now. It is not even mentioned in the installable section of the reference (but it is). And Forecasts has troubles with the settings input field.

Never mind, leave them, those are nice examples anyway.


BODHI GUIDE - Profiles.

Default Profiles

BARE = nothing visible !!


BODHI GUIDE - Everything -Plugins

The following text does not relate to visible screenshots. Confusing !


As an application launcher

In the screenshots above, the user has "raised" Everything by entering the Key Binding (keyboard shortcut) Alt+Esc or Win+Space. Next, the user entered "E".

Just entering "E" causes Everything to search its history-sorted database for the most frequently-used applications starting with that letter. It finds several, the first nine of which are displayed with their icons in a grid.

But, if the user follows the "E" with a "v", so the command line at the upper left contains "Ev" - the scope of possibilities reduces, so the most probable intended application becomes "Everything Configuration", which is highlighted. Once an application is highlighted, it can be launched simply by double-clicking the icon or by pressing the Return key. Try it!


Websearch module works with youtube only ??? Not sure about this now, but google or translate seem not to work.


BODHI GUIDE - Compositing

Box Transparency starts with stating that the only profile that it is loaded in would be Compositing. But it is loaded in Fancy as well.


Screenie with terminology, so is text around it. Leave as is ??


In Text: a Composite setting will need to be switched to active transparency. Are we sure this is done with the still setting? Anyway, you can not click Apply and then OK, it's either one.



[ I have skipped a few pages here as my eyes were to tired to read well. ]



BODHI GUIDE - Terminology and EFM.


Don't forget to clean this page as Terminology will not ship with this release, we will have lxterminal instead. Save it for the (near) future though.


In the EFM part replace "Terminology" (quite often) with "your terminal" or something like that. That's always good, even if terminology returns to be default.


BODHI GUIDE - Creating themes.

Can't comment on that, beyond me.




Wow, I'm done (for now)


H A P P Y _ N E W _ Y E A R !!



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@Duma Thank you!


@Mark I remember the walk-through. I'll send him the debs since it'll be cool to do. :)



This terminology thing is a pain in the lower lower back.... Both guides have been tailored with Terminology as the default terminal emulator... Good golly... Will make the adjustments though..... Don't even have lxterminal since I'm not a fan. :D




@Charles Have I said your the man today? I lost track, but just to reiterate: YOU ARE DA MAN! :lol:


@caerolle Two pairs of eyes are better than one. ;)


Getting started on all these alterations now.


P.S. Did you notice my subtle subliminal messages? haha

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Um, then they wouldn't be subliminal, would it? ;)


:lol: You got me there. :rolleyes:



P.S. DId you guys check BOTH modes? Once the browser is less than 600px in width, "mobile" mode activates. It becomes a different world. ;)

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Some links in this page are old.

Doc wiki should be : wiki.bodhilinux.com

Forums should be : forums.bodhilinux.com





for some reason the prefix www. within these addresses does not work, so I get an error when trying to open the links from the QS resources page. Links to other places (Appcenter, Art) do work as they don't have the www. prefix.




Edit, Using "final" disk from Live USB now.

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