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Custom css in Midori web browser

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Is it possible to use custom css with midori web browser?

Something like stylish addon in firefox + nightmode style sheet.

I'm using delorean gtk theme ( complete desktop is dark except the browser screen).




Well as recently mentioned in another post I am not a midori user. However I hate to see post go unanswered. In midori's preferences under the extensions tab there is an extension called user addons which supposedly adds support for user scripts and user styles. (Go to Tools > Extensions. Enable 'User Addons' if the extensions tab is not available.) I have not used it but by the looks of things it should provide something similar to FF's stylish or greasemonkey addons. You may even be able to use the same userscripts. Have a look and give it a try. For more information consult Midori faq.

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