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3.0.0 TODO List

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In an effort to be transparent, here are my desired goals for 3.0.0:


Things to fix:


Packages to Add/Remove:


Look and Feel:


Packaging TODO:


Stretch Goals:

  • Get a chromebook image up to snuff



RC Reloaded:

  • Updated packages to E19.2 and EFL 1.12
  • Legacy ISO now includes e17 desktop by default
  • Set to use default E theme along with matching GTK theme
  • Updates to ubiquity installer text on launcher
  • Removed (e)connman and replaced with nm-applet.
  • Added systray to default profile
  • Remove or change the release notes link in installer
  • Text on second screen of the installer is unreadable with the E17 GTK theme. Fix!
  • Switch default icon set to be maxo-remix and update profiles (e17/e19) to reflect this


RC2 Completed:

  • apturl-elm: make sure the provided package is in the apt-cache before trying to install it
  • Update esudo to grab keyboard focus and move mouse over the application when launched
  • Check cpufreq again (confirm fix in rules file)


RC1 Completed:

  • Make sure slideshow is installed/has correct permissions in 64bit ISO image
  • Make sure remastersys .desktop file is hidden
  • Try to get installer launcher to read "Bodhi 3.0.0"
  • fixed permissions on cpufreq module
  • Change system updater to launch: enlightenment_open /usr/share/applications/eepDater.desktop. This allows it to be displayed on the ibar
  • Swap pager for pager16 with live previews
  • Patch E19 to disable the wizard and just default to the Bodhi profile (once this happens we can get rid of everything but startup applications from /etc/skel/.e and efreet cache and such)
  • change default theme to use this as the wallpaper -> http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/10340-abstract/
  • build patched upstart to avoid boot delay
  • change notifications to display "low" notifications
  • uncheck "Match Enlightenment theme if possible" in the Application Theme Settings
  • Remove EFM tooltips by default
  • set battery gadget to use desktop notifications
  • enable automount in EFM
  • Install and configure apturl-elm
  • add broadcom packages from deepseeds post
  • add pre-load
  • gstreamer1.0-libav
  • Create this main.conf -> http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/10370-sudo-unable-to-resolve-host-dhcppc0/page__view__findpost__p__82637
  • optimizations -> http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/10253-30-beta-32-bit-optimization-ideas/
  • Change chromebook profile so "lid close" is "suspend now" instead of dim
  • change chromebook profile brightness keys to use a different command so they work as expected


Beta Completed:

Replaced leafpad with epad as the default text editor

Added eepDater

Updated default theme

Patched: synaptic, apt, and acpid for bodhi needs

Implemented this fix for the hang at startup searching for network

Add policykit-desktop-privileges package to handle internal media mounting

Add lupin-casper, bc, bash-completion, epulse-e19, ofono

Get eepDater to a functional state

Disable compositing effects

Fixed Segfault the first time you open the menu on the live cd.

Added Bodhi menu entry

Added plymouth theme


Alpha Completed:

fix auto login for live user

change text plymouth theme

update lsb-release package to have bodhi info

fix slideshow

Fix up esudo to replace gksudo

Launch quick start by default


Make ALL file system edits via .DEB packages.

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Picking up where Jeff left off, here's the 3.0 Legacy todo list... Subject to change, of course.





build/package deskshow, itasks, etc...

remove ubuntu logos from ubiquity installer

remove match enlightenment theme if possible check box

double-check profile settings

find chromium-blanking bug in profile

find invisible shelf click-through bug in profile

find no invisible shelf without comp bug in profile

fix epad bug.. text under scrollbars.





replace e19 with e17 !!

strip extra e19 files

Build sexy desktop with proper look and feel

build custom e17 theme

make default profile

set up proper icon theme

remove midori from startup apps

make sure midori's default text editor is epad

fix errors when setting custom icons

remove "boot to installer" from boot list

add "check disc integrity" to boot list

fix broadcom bug

package speedy theme

package e17 profile

make bodhi-desktop-e17 package

make safe graphics mode use nomodeset by default

make sure midori opens to the correct version of docs for the e-version

remove the "release notes" link on first page of ubiquity to ubuntu release notes

make sure dpkg is set to always keep old config file

fix EFM desktop link bug in sidebar

check/package other themes

set grub default timeout after install to 5 (possibly)

set grub entry to read "Bodhi" instead of "Ubuntu"

fix grub background

build/package engage

fix broken desktop link in EFM side panel

add bodhi linux section to start menu

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